Our customers are mainly publishers and companies producing product catalogs.

For publishers, we have the opportunity to work on projects that have a cultural dimension, in different activity fields: tourism, medical, literature, etc. We realized for them:

  • Editorial production platforms, which allows them to manage the entire lifecycle of their content, from the author’s or editor’s writings to their publication on different medias
  • Website, for the publication of their contents
  • Programs for generating printed and digital books for tablets
  • Development of web content delivery services to their partners
  • Mobile applications

For companies that produce products catalogs: VPC brands, manufacturers, dealers, our projects cover the following needs :

  • Products database development with a commercial vocation, which manage all the necessary content and processes used in the implementations of digital and printed catalogs
  • Development of their websites
  • Printed catalogs generating applications
  • Mobile applications to present products or allow orders from commercial

We also work to more specific domains as transport networks, to publish their schedules.

Some references:

automated production of work records
and schedules displays.

database of catalogs

editorial database for guides publication

DVD-ROM, websites, medical mobile applications